Saturday, 17 May 2014

How To Speed Up Your Computer

Speed is Everything

Everybody wants more speed as we expect to be able to do more things on our computers in a speedier time than ever before.  There isn't a magic wand you can wave over your computer to make it suddenly go faster but there are a whole host of things you can done (some cost money, others don't).

In this blog entry I will give you some suggestions - you might try them all and have a super-fast computer or you might just try one or two, it all depends on how much money you want to spend...

With 'instant-on' devices such as tablets and smart phones becoming more and more commonplace we are getting used to being able to use technology pretty much instantaneously and when we have to go on to our aging computers and wait minutes for the things to boot up, load Windows and then show the desktop or new-fangled start screen you can see why people are getting frustrated with their computers and are looking for ways to speed them up.

Software To Speed Up Your Computer

First things first whatever you do, don't download/install any software promising miracles to speed up your computer, most just clean up the temporary files and if you are lucky enough to notice a speed increase it tends not to be very much and ones all the temp files have come back your computer will grind to a halt once again.

CPU  (Processor)

Secondly if you have anything less than an Intel Core2Duo (or equivalent) then it's really time you upgraded to an i3 or better as there's not a great deal worth doing to try and speed a computer of that age right now.

In the days of the 386, 486 and the first couple of Pentiums it was worthwhile looking for a CPU upgrade, but these days the cost of such upgrades compared the the extra performance you end up with doesn't tend to be worth it -this isn't always the case but most often is.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Barry Cryer - Twitter Titters with Colin Sell

Not long been back from a great evening out at The Castle theater in Wellingborough to see Barry Cryer who (amongst other things) is famous for writing for some of the greatest people of all time from the likes of Tommy Cooper to Morecambe and Wise and you don't get more famous than them!

I have to admit I've not really followed Mr Cryers radio career so I had no idea who Colin Sell is and to be honest when I sat down and took a look at the stage and saw a grand piano standing there, I was a little confused as to what was going on.  When a pianist came on stage (who I later learned was in fact Colin Sell) and started playing background music I was beginning to wonder what sort of show I had come to see as it was beginning to look like a piano recital and when Colin started singing, I really began to wonder what I had let myself in for...

To make my concerns even worse, when Barry Cryer came on to the stage he too started singing which really made me wonder what on earth was going on!

It wasn't long before the singing stopped and the show turned in to what I had hoped, lots of funny tales and jokes about people Barry Cryer had met (and sometimes written for) over his many years in show business.  There were lots of 'old' jokes that we'd all pretty much heard before, time and time again and it was these jokes and stories I had come to hear, as a lot of them are jokes we've all taken for granted and forget that someone wrote them in the first place, and in many cases it was Barry Cryer who was part of a team of people that wrote them.  :)

All the singing wasn't my cup of tea, but it was soon explained that Barry and Colin have been working together on the radio in this way for many, many years and a lot of the audience members were familiar with their work together and seemed to enjoy it.

All-in-all I have to say it was a very different and mostly enjoyable night out - the last of a dying breed you might say as modern comedians use observational comedy which when I was growing up was called Alternative Comedy but it's now so widespread that it's the norm so is just, well, comedy.

Although he's from the same era as Ken Dodd, he wasn't quite up to that standard for me, but it was still a good night out so I've given this show a well deserved 3 stars.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Northants4x4 Brickhill Punch and Play day 2014

I've been off-roading with a mate of mine once before and since then he has fitted a winch on the front so we can go to places without the worry of getting stuck as we now have a way of getting un-stuck!

Todays event was at Brickhill in the Milton keynes area and I took several hours of video footage which I have managed to reduce to just over 16 minutes:

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